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End of tenancy cleaning

Whats the difference between a end of tenancy clean and a normal clean?

i mention this as we have been called to a lot of end of tenancy cleans were a tenant has had a cleaning company to clean or even cleaned there selves before termination of rented accommodation.

First of all i would like to say it's not always that they have done a terrible job ( sometimes yes ) but they merely fail to take on board the depth of a end of tenancy clean.

So here we go.......

A end of tenancy is exactly what it says in the tin a clean for the end of a tenancy, this clean consists of everything in sight and out of sight being cleaned even the most annoying little gaps containing just a spec of dust, inside the frames of windows , all cobwebs , hard stains , carpets to be professionally cleaned and also ovens. These jobs are not just a mere wipe over each task needs to be carried out thoroughly before inventory checks for the be tenant.

Want to know more ?

wait until friday and we will be eaplaining and showing each task one task at a time every friday.

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