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Cleaning with a Mop



We offer numerous different services and cater to all different individual requirements. There is not a job too big nor too small for us to be able to tackle and we have all the best equipment to ensure each job is done efficiently.



  • Spring clean. Regular / one off 

  • Deep domestic clean 

  • End of tenancy 

  • Carpets 

  • Oven 

  • Office cleaning 

  • Gym cleaning 

  • Commercial kitchens

  • Ironing / laundry service.

Cleaning Supplies



Our spring cleaning. Consists of a general clean at domestic properties, this service can either be a one off service to help you get back on top not your household or it can be carried out on a regular basis to take the stress of constantly cleaning your shoulders.


So with this service we charge by the hour at a rate of £13 ph with a minimum service of 2 hours . These services are arranged at a time and day suited to the client, all products and equipment each job are provided by ourselves.

The amount of hours needed to clean your premises will be discussed to ensure we can come up with something to ensure both parties are satisfied.


The spring cleaning services consist of :


  • Toilets  cleaned and bleached 

  • Wash rooms cleaned and bleached 

  • All floors mopped 

  • Carpets to be hoovered 

  • All services to be sanitised and disinfected 

  • Internal windows. 

  • Mirrors 

  • dusting  

  • All shelves to be dusted 

  • Door frames / skirting boards 

  • Bin emptied bags replaced 

  • Washing up if requested



A deep clean consists of us cleaning the complete premises top to bottom not leaving a stone unturned, even if you can’t see it please believe we have cleaned it. A lot of people  get extras with a deep clean like carpet and ovens. So what we do to ensure we can give the client the best value for money is offer these services at a discounted rate when they require a deep clean.

A deep clean is priced at £15ph   and any extras added on to total cost as appropriate .


What extra does a deep clean cover ?


  • limescale removed

  • Dry water removed 

  • Tiles  and joints cleaned

  • everything picked up and moved and cleaned in areas that are obstructed

  • Draws shelves wardrobes and cupboards 

  • Bins cleaned out 

  • Lamp shades 

  • Skirting boards scrubbed


Generally a more thorough clean paying close attention to detail ensuring the premises cleaned to the highest possible standard.



Our carpet cleaning service  is one of our services usually incorporated with one of our above services but we do. Offer these services on their own. For this service it is charged by each room  not by the hour.

Whether you have got  tough stains on your carpets or you just want to maintain them and get that fresh effect, we can cater to your needs. 

We use nothing but the best rated solutions and equipment to make sure you get the best possible service at a cost effective price.

Cleaning Materials




We currently carry out numerous different contracts maintaining the general hygiene and sanitisation of office blocks ensuring the staff have a clean environment to carry out their work in.

These services can be a deep clean , general clean and special requirements also. As this service is entirely down to the customer, as we come up with packages to suit their individual requirements.

We can carry out this service once a week to 7 days a week and all staff have relevant checks and are trustworthy so if keys are needed to gain access outside of work hours they are always in safe hands. 

We cover  in and around the Southampton area but regular contracts can travel outside of  Southampton.


All equipment and products will be provided by ourselves so all pressures of cleaning and maintaining hygiene at your premises is taking off your shoulders.

Prices for this service do vary depending on specific requirements etc. but the hourly rate starts from £13ph .

Cleaning a Gas Stove



There is nothing worse than  a filthy oven to cook your Sunday roast in and we understand without the right resources cleaning your oven can be A awful job.

Using nothing but the best products and equipment we can ensure you have your oven looking as you have just purchased it.






Sometimes when working with a very busy schedule it's extremely hard to find the time to keep on top of the laundry and ironing especially when looking after a family. So we came up with a service to get rid of these situations. 

We will collect all laundry and ironing and also deliver, this all being a next day delivery service.

Laundry costs start from £20 per bag of laundry  but if this service is used with another regular service discounts are available .





Gyms are in constant  use  with sweat dripping over equipment. , chalk from weight lifting and blood from injuries especially in boxing gyms, so. Just from that you can see how important a cleaning service is within a gym. We currently clean a number of gyms ensuring all their equipment is cleaned thoroughly, also ensuring the whole area is cleaned to provide a clean place for the public to train.

We make sure all washrooms, offices and any other extra rooms are also clean.

Do you want your clients to know and see you are keeping up with all cleaning requirements , well we offer posters where our cleaners can sign and date after every clean is carried out so everyone gains peace of mind. 

The cleans can be carried out any time best suited to you, we work around you regimes and are available around the clock so your premises will always be kept up together without any stress.

This service starts at £15 ph but packages can be put together to come up with a plan that’s most beneficial for all parties.

Cleaning Materials

we are keen to hear from both domestic and commercial client contact us if you would like to discuss our cleaning solutions.

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